1. How To Know If You Have An STD? Top 07 Ways To Prevent STDs

    How to know if you have an STD

    Research suggests that each day more than one million sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are acquired across the world. Although these diseases are pretty common, most people still don’t have adequate knowledge about the same. Do you know most STDs cause only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all and may not be detected easily? So, how to know if you have an STD? Read this article further and get to know some STD basics. Knowing this information will help transform the way how you take precautions around sex in your own life. 


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  2. These Best Vitiligo Treatments Can Give Your Skin An Even Appearance

    Vitiligo treatment

    Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition that causes specific areas of skin to lose their color. The medical term given to the loss of skin color is depigmentation. Any of your skin areas can become depigmented. The depigmented patches may be small initially and grow over time. While there’s currently no cure for vitiligo, some treatments can help restore pigment in the affected region. This article will look at some of the best and most effective vitiligo treatments. Consult your doctor and determine which of them could be beneficial for you. 

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  3. What Are The Different Types Of Acne and How To Get Rid Of Them?

    Types of acne

    Umbrella terms like pimples, blemishes, breakouts, bumps, etc., are often used to describe acne. But do you know there are dozens of different types of acne, each with distinct appearances, causes, and treatments? With so many different types of acne, it becomes essential to know some of the fundamental differences between them so that you can opt for the right treatment plan.

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  4. What Is Kidney Failure: 10 Best Tips To Prevent It

    Prevent kidney failure

    About 30% of adults in the United States are at significant risk for kidney disease; that’s 1 in 3 people. Most people having kidney disease don't recognize it until it progresses to the advanced stages or the time when they would require a dialysis or kidney transplant. Do you know what kidney failure is and the best ways to prevent kidney failure? If not, continue reading the blog and find answers to your questions.

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  5. Urinary Incontinence Causes: See What Made You Suffer Leaking Urine?

    urinary incontinence causes

    Urinary incontinence is a condition of loss of bladder control causing bladder leakage. People with urinary incontinence often experience leaking urine without knowing it. This causes a feeling of embarrassment among them. Urinary incontinence causes a sudden loss of bladder control. It’s not a disease. It’s a problem mostly with men in their urinary tract. Incontinence means a lack of voluntary control over muscles responsible for urination.

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  6. Mitigate Your Arthritis Pain By Stopping These 06 Things Right Now

    Arthritis pain

    Have you recently been diagnosed with arthritis? What does arthritis pain feel like? Living with such chronic and enfeebling pain isn’t easy. You may have a term of medical professionals and a customized treatment plan, but sometimes it's often quite tempting to fall off the track and get indulged in bad habits and a dismissive attitude. However, you can prevent these from happening by avoiding the six essential things listed in this blog. By reading through the points till the end of this post, you’ll have adequate knowledge about what can aggravate your arthritis pain and needs to be stopped right now.

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  7. Mumps: A Disease That Can Only Be Cured Through Vaccination


    Mumps is a type of viral infection that significantly affects the saliva-producing glands present near your ears. It is a contagious disease transmitted from one person to another through saliva, nasal secretions, and close personal contact. Mumps is a disease that requires severe medical attention, but most people recover from it within two weeks. However, leaving it untreated can lead to unhealthy complications and make it difficult for you to swallow or chew the food you take.

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  8. Cardiac Arrest: Here Is All You Need To Know About It!!

    Cardiac arrest

    Heartbeat is guided by electrical impulses, a change in the pattern of these impulses results in arrhythmia that can further lead to cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is the result of abrupt loss of heart functioning, causing the heartbeat to cease.  According to the American Heart Association, almost 475,000 Americans die because of cardiac arrest every year in the United States. Why such a high mortality rate? More than 350,000 Americans experience cardiac arrests outside the hospital every year. Cardiac arrest is suggested as the third leading cause of death in the U.S. after cancer and heart disease.

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  9. Reye's Syndrome: Side Effect Of A Drug

    Reye's syndrome

    Reye's syndrome is rare but is a very severe condition that affects the liver and brain. It is a syndrome that mostly affects children and teenagers, especially those recovering from viral infections, such as flu or chickenpox. Approximately 20 cases have been reported annually since 1988, and the survival rate for Reye's syndrome is 80%. According to a report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a total of 1,207 cases of Reye's syndrome in children under the age of 18 years were reported from 1981 to 1997. In the year 1980, a high spike of 555 cases was reported in Reye's syndrome cases. 

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  10. Semen Retention: A Sexual Practice Of Avoiding Ejaculation

    Semen retention

    People may not be familiar with the term ‘semen retention,’ but most of the men may surely be familiar with the way it is practiced. But still, with the help of a modern concept, it has become easier to discuss such things easily. In fact, semen retention came into existence around a long time ago and is part of some ancient practices. People practice semen retention according to their own needs and desires, even believing that excessive ejaculation can make you weak. On the other hand, some people believe that semen retention improves fertility, sexual pleasure, or physical health.

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