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  1. Clear All Your Doubts About COVID-19 Vaccine Here!!


    As COVID-19 is an entirely new disease, there will be many questions/doubts regarding it. Like many people, ask about what happens before, during, and after your appointment to get vaccinated. Before understanding how the COVID-19 vaccine works, let’s get an idea about how our body fights the disease. 

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  2. Neonatal Care: Why Is It Crucial For Premature Babies?

    neonatal care

    Premature babies are those babies who are born before the mother reaches the 37th week of pregnancy. In simple terms, premature babies (also called preemies) are born too early before certain vital organs are able to develop. Based on how premature the baby is, he or she could have underdeveloped lungs, immune system, digestive tract, and even skin. To provide support to these babies living outside the womb, they are placed inside an apparatus called an incubator. It gives the babies with environmental conditions required to sustain them while in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

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  3. What Does Your Blood Pressure Numbers Signify?

    blood pressure

    When you get your blood pressure readings or blood pressure numbers, there are two of them. The first or the top one is the systolic blood pressure, and the second one is the diastolic blood pressure. For example: If your reading comes as 120/80. Here 120 is the systolic blood pressure, and 80 is the diastolic blood pressure. These two numbers indicate different aspects of the pressure being applied by your blood as it pulsates through your arteries. 



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