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  1. Sinus Infection; Know How Well You Can Deal With It?

    Sinus infection

    As per the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. almost 0.5% of all upper respiratory tract infections are complicated by sinusitis. This means the incidence of acute sinusitis ranges from 15-40 episodes per 1000 patients every year, depending on the setting. Such infection is more common in adults as compared to children, whose sinuses are not fully developed. Almost 28.9 million adults are diagnosed with sinusitis, which is equal to 11.6% of U.S adults. 242,000 adults visit emergency departments with chronic sinusitis as the primary diagnosis, says the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention.

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  2. Checkout All That You Are Looking For Male Infertility

    Male infertility

    Male infertility, also known as male sterility, is a type of sexual dysfunction in which a man’s sperm becomes unable to fuse with the female egg due to multiple reasons. However, he still fails to conceive a child even though he had frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for almost a year. This can occur for multiple reasons, such as low sperm count, abnormal sperm function, or blockages preventing sperm from passing. On the other, illness, injuries, chronic health problems, unhealthy lifestyle habits may also contribute to male infertility or male sterility.

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  3. Do COVID-19 Mutations Make It Harder To Control?

    COVID-19 Mutation

    In the next episode of the most unusual year that human history has ever witnessed, the notorious coronavirus has started mutating. Mutation of coronavirus has formed a new variant of COVID-19, which is almost 70% more contagious and is now prevailing in every part of the UK except Northern Ireland, says an expert to Sky News.

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  4. Feeling Lack Of Sexual Fantasies And Desire? Know About Arousal Disorder

    Arousal Disorder

    When it comes to sexual dysfunction among women, about 40% of the women experience some part of it. Problems, such as persistent desire, orgasm, or pain that affects your relationship with your partner, come under female sexual dysfunction. This can be a reason behind arousal disorder.

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  5. Male Refractory Period: Time Taken To Get Ready For The Second Round!!

    Male Refractory Period

    Men’s penis usually gets flaccid just after having sexual intercourse. Men lose their firmness just after having sexual intercourse and cannot go for the second round. Some doubt whether it's normal or not. In fact, it's a normal phenomenon that happens with every man. But after some time, your penis will become erect once you get aroused. Every individual has their own time to re-attain erection; a refractory period.

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  6. Is It Unhealthy To Be Underweight? Check Out The Natural Ways To Deal With It!!

    Underweight BMI

    In the US, approximately two-thirds of the people are either overweight or obese. On the other hand, many people feel uneasy about being too skinny, which is also a topic for concern. Body mass index is the measured value of body fat derived from the mass(weight) and the height of the person. The range of this value determines whether the is underweight or overweight.

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