Ashley Wilson

  1. Elimination Diet: Identifying Food Intolerance Made Easy

    Elimination diet

    Are you suffering from food intolerance or insensitivity? If yes, trying an elimination diet would be beneficial for you. It is believed that food acts as fuel to our body. Each bite of food you eat sends some information to your body. And your body reacts according to the message it receives. So, how are these messages conveyed? Our GI tract acts as an interface between the food we eat and our body. GI tract is a massive organ system that converts food into chemical signals by the process of digestion and absorption. 

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  2. Knee Osteoarthritis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

    Knee Osteoarthritis

    Knee osteoarthritis is described by degeneration of the knee’s articular cartilage, which is a slippery material that usually protects bones from joint friction. This condition also includes changes to the bone beneath the cartilage and can affect neighboring soft tissues.

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  3. Narcolepsy: When You Have Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

    narcolepsy sleeping disorder

    Narcolepsy is a rare condition that affects your neurological system. Your brain becomes incapable of regulating your sleep patterns leading to a disturbed sleep-wake cycle. A Person with narcolepsy could sleep as much as a person without it, but they may feel fatigued continuously due to inadequate restorative sleep. They can also fall asleep at inappropriate times and suffer from several other symptoms correlated to this disease.

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  4. Mononucleosis: The Kissing Disease

    mononucleosis disease

    Mononucleosis is an infectious disease that’s generally caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). It’s also known as "mono" or “the kissing disease.” You can get this virus through kissing as well as things like sharing food or utensils. It’s infectious, but you’re unlikely to catch mono than other common illnesses like a common cold. Usually, mono isn’t a severe illness, but you may have complications that make your condition perilous—the symptoms of mono range from mild to severe. You may find it challenging to take part in your daily chores for several weeks.

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  5. What Is Morning Depression? How To Deal With It?

    morning depression

    Depression is a common illness across the world, with over 264 million people affected. It is different from typical mood fluctuations and short-lived emotional responses to challenges in everyday life. Specifically, when it is intense and long-lasting, depression may become a severe health condition. It might cause the affected person to function poorly at work, at school, or in the family. At its worst, depression may lead to suicide. About 800 000 people die of suicide every year. Suicide is the second main cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. 


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  6. Men, Minimize Your Risk For Prostate Cancer This Way

    prostate cancer protection

    Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men. When diagnosed at an early stage, prostate cancer is easily treatable. The prostate cancer starts at the prostate gland, which is located between the bladder and the penis. The cause of prostate cancer is uncertain. Studies suggest that about 1 in every three men over the age of 50 have some cancer cells in their prostate. A wide range of those cancers is small and hardly harmful to health. Although there is no definite cause of prostate cancer, there are many risk factors which could make you more susceptible to the disease. 

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    how to deal with beard problems

    Growing a beard is now a trending activity among men. Many men consider facial hair as a sign of masculinity as well as authority. While growing a beard can take a man to another level, it does not come easy for most of the men. While growing a beard, there arises certain issues or problems such as dry skin, dandruff or whiskers, which if not well addressed, might lead you to stick to a clean shave. Whether you are looking forward to growing a beard which is bandholz or just a simple short one, you need to be aware of some common beard problems and the solutions to it, to help you counter them and grow and maintain your facial hair in comfort.

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  8. Men's Guide To Doing Kegel Exercise Right

    kegel exercise for men

    Kegel exercise strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, and it can aid in preventing the leakage of urine or feces while coughing, sneezing, lifting, and other heavy movements. The prostate is a gland which is located under the bladder and surrounds the upper part of the urethra. Many muscles surround the prostate gland, and these muscles may get weakened. This can lead to the leakage of urine, which is known as incontinence. Kegel exercise helps strengthen these muscles, and strengthening of these muscles helps to gain better control of the bladder and urine flow.

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