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  1. Erectile Dysfunction Vs. Performance Anxiety - What’s The Difference?

    Erectile Dysfunction Vs. Performance Anxiety - What’s The Difference?

    No, “Erectile Dysfunction” and “Performance Anxiety” are not the same. However, many people out there often get perplexed between the two terms. If you’re also one of them, you should definitely read this blog till the end. Here, you’ll come across the differences in terms of definition, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Without further ado, let's dive deep into the concept.

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  2. How Sexual Life Changes After Menopause?

    sex life after menopause

    A woman may experience specific changes in sexual life in the years around menopause. Some say that they think of sex less often, or sex is no more pleasurable than before. Other women claim that they enjoy sex more. Reduced hormone levels after menopause make vaginal tissues thinner and drier. Please go through this entire article and get to know how you can get your symptoms recovered effectively.

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  3. Syphilis And How To Detect It?


    Syphilis is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases or STD which has affected millions of people around the world. Caused by the bacteria - Treponema Palladium this disease has recently shown up more cases in men more than women. There is no gender predilection for this disease as this infection or STD can show up its symptoms in both. The first symptoms mostly show up on the reproductive organs or inside the oral cavity as chancres which are small sores. The first sign is almost ignored by the patients as it gradually becomes harder to notice in the later on stages.

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  4. Answering All Your Questions About Erectile Dysfunction

    everything about erectile dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem that affects millions of men in the world. This is a sensitive topic, and most men don’t prefer discussing it with anyone. If you’re currently experiencing erectile dysfunction, you may have several questions on your mind regarding the condition. So, considering this, we are here with answers to some of the most common questions regarding erectile dysfunction. Read the full blog and gain sufficient knowledge before you consult a sexual health specialist.

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