Side Effects Of Sitting Too Long

You might get surprised to know that an average U.S adult sits 6.5 hours a day sitting and for teens, the number is even more; 8 hours a day, says the Washington Post. However, 60% of the U.S population spends at least 2 hours a day sitting watching the screen. In such cases, when people sit like this without being physically active, their muscles and bones get weak, additionally, they are more likely to gain weight.


Approximately, 80% of the jobs have a sedentary lifestyle. In terms of health, such daily habits start to negatively affect blood circulation and the immune system. Consequently, this will not help them to boost their energy, mood, and quality sleep that comes from regular physical activity.   


What Happens If You Sit At A Computer For Too Long?

The human body is designed to be up and moving while working and playing and to be seated only while resting. Leading an inactive lifestyle that involves sitting too long on a computer in your daily routine(driving in a car or bus, spending time watching TV or computer screen) can lead to side effects in various negative ways and can lead to:-


  • Burn fewer calories than can lead to weight gain
  • Weak muscle strength and weaker bone
  • Low blood circulation
  • Weaken immune system
  • Develop inflammation & hormonal imbalance


What Are The Symptoms Of Sitting Too Long?

The above-mentioned complications with the body can lead to the following unhealthy conditions. If you start experiencing these; know its a warning sign, such as:-


  • Premature death
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Inflammation in blood pressure
  • Abnormal cholesterol
  • Triglyceride levels 
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stroke
  • Eye complications(blurred vision, initial level of color blindness, eye strain, dry eyes)
  • Improper body structure(pain in the back, neck, shoulders)
  • Steady pain, discomfort on the muscles and tendons


How Many Hours Of Sitting Is Too Much?

On average, sitting more than 4 hours a day can lead to unhealthy complications as mentioned above. Even though Americans sit almost 10 hours every day on average. 


Sitting continuously for more than 4 hours can put you at risk of unhealthy conditions. Sitting between 4-8 hours every day can increase the risk to a medium level. The risk of unhealthy complications increases to high when a person starts sitting for 8-11 hours every day. With the increase of sitting hours, the risk increases; more than 11 hours puts you at very high risk.


How Bad Is Sitting At A Desk All Day?

This article will help you know the side effects of sitting too long on a computer. Below are some of the points that can help you know this better:-


Sedentary habits can impair your heart: Scientists compared the lifestyle of two types of people; one the driver and the other the conductor. Driver, who sits most of the day, and the conductor or guards who don’t.


Even though their diets and lifestyle are quite similar but the drivers are more likely to get heart disease as compared to conductors.


You may live a shorter life: Not being physically active can lead to various health complications and these health complications puts you at the risk of a shorter life. Additionally, people with sedentary habits are more likely to have painful and difficult old age.


Higher risk of being diabetic: Diabetes occurs when blood cells are not able to digest sugar content. This happens when layers of cholesterol cover the blood cells preventing them from absorbing sugar and other enzymes, such as insulin.


Such deposition of cholesterol is caused due to lack of physical activity. That is why doctors recommend every diabetic/high cholesterol patient to perform regular physical activity.


You may get DVT: DVT also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition in which blood gets clot in the legs usually because of sitting for a longer duration of time. The condition gets severe once the clot breaks free and lodges in the lung.


DVT causes swelling and pain in the infected area, while some may have not experience any symptoms. This is why it is better to be regular with physical activity especially for people with DVT.


Unhealthy weight gain: Unhealthy weight gain; obesity is one of the leading unhealthy conditions in the U.S that results in life-threatening complications. This is one of the factors that every person is aware of; unhealthy weight gain.


Obesity affects strength of the muscles and bones, blood pressure, respiratory complications, and because of so many important factors it also affects the excretory system of a human body. Overall, all the important systems of the human body get affected because of obesity.


Obses people usually have shorter life span; they often die because of brain hemorrhage, heart attacks, asthma attacks, etc.


Anxiety:  Anxiety is one of the side effects of sitting too long on computers. Sitting for a longer period of time in front of a screen will affect you negatively both physically and mentally. Having a sedentary profession puts a limitation in terms of personal growth this creates social anxiety. Scientists are still trying to figure out the exact cause.


Back Pain: Being in seated positions for a long period of time puts a huge stress on your back muscles, neck, spine and may get even worse if you slouch. Always remember, no matter how comfortable you get sitting too long on the computer puts strain on your back.


Increased risk of cancer: Cancer is a disease that occurs due to uncontrolled growth of infected tissues; tumor. The risk of development of tumor increases due to improper flow of blood through a body part, such as breast and prostate.


Both types of cancer are common among females and males, respectively. If the flow of blood pressure is healthy the veins remain clear that lowers the risk of any type of cancer and cardiovascular disease.


How To Reduce The Side Effects Of Sitting Too Long All Day?

There are many side effects of sitting too long all day, but here are some exercises to counter sitting all day, such as:-


Be regular with physical activity: With the term physical activity it means anything that helps your body to burn calories, increases blood flow, makes you sweat, etc. These can be done through either playing games/sports, exercising, or being a part of an active profession.


Inculcating a physical activity in your daily routine will help you in every aspect, such as mental and physical illness. This will help you maintain a healthy blood flow through the body and consequently prevents almost every unhealthy complications.


Give yourself a break: Sitting too long for 4 hours can lead to many side effects, it is recommended to take a break every 3-4 hours. Avoid sitting continuously in front of a screen for more than 4 hours, it will help your body to take a break.


Here, break means going for a walk, stretching, or using stairs. Such activities help your body to maintain a healthy blood flow, this will also help your eyesight to remain healthy. 


Eat fiber daily: Having a sedentary profession increases the risk of high cholesterol and consequently leads to diabetes. Consuming a lot of fiber in your daily diet will help your blood vessle’s surface to remain clean and fresh. This will consequently prevent high cholesterol complications; diabetes and vision complications.


Including fiber in your daily diet also prevents digestion complications, such as constipation, internal & external haemorrhoids.