Q1. About For Daily Medicine

Ans: For Daily Medicine is an online pharmacy that specializes in the sale of high-quality generic medicines at an affordable price. All the medicines sold at FDM are verified and approved by professional pharmacists and strictly adhere to the guidelines of WHO.

Q2. Is it compulsory to have a prescription to shop with FDM?

Ans: Yes, we do not allow the sale of any medicine without a legitimate prescription signed by a certified doctor.

Q3. Is For Daily Medicine a licensed online pharmacy?

Ans: Yes, For Daily Medicine is a licensed pharmacy run by astute professionals.

Q4. Are my personal details safe with FDM?

Ans: Absolutely. All the details that you are asked to register with us during the shopping process are kept under utter safety with us. All the information is highly encrypted with advanced technology.

Q5. What exactly are Generic Medicines?

Ans: Generic medicines are medicines that are similar to brand medicines in terms of active ingredients, uses, side-effects, chemical composition, etc. They are cheaper than the brand drugs because they differ in the inactive ingredients that are used as preservatives and cosmetic enhancers. Brand medicines also come with the added cost of marketing and packaging of the product and this is one reason why generic medicines are cheaper.

Q6. Are generics sage to use?

Ans: Yes, generic medicines are exactly the same as brand medicines except for the inactive ingredients. ORDER RELATED QUERIES:

Q7. How long does my order take to be delivered?

Ans: We execute the shipment within 2 weeks however in extraordinary circumstances, delivery of the product might take 3-4 weeks.

Q8. Can I order medicines in bulk?

Ans: Yes, the medicines can be ordered in bulk but only for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

Q9. How do I cancel my order?

Ans: In case you want to cancel your order, you can always contact our customer support by calling at the numbers given at our website or mailing at our email address. A minimal refund of the amount shall be executed if your cancel the order within 24 hours of ordering. After 24 hours, no amount shall be refunded.

Q10. Can I receive my order in a secret packaging?

Ans: Yes, all the products sold by For Daily Medicine are delivered in secure and secret packaging. We value your privacy.

Q11. How do I update my shipping address?

Ans: You need to log in to your account and then visit the account information page in order to change the details filled in by you.

Q12. What should I do if I receive an incomplete or damaged product?

Ans: In case the product delivered by For Daily Medicine is damaged/partially damaged/missing/partially missing, our online pharmacy offers a refund or replacement of the product in such a case. Kindly mail us at [email protected]