No matter what information you are looking for about the disease named Fibromyalgia, this is the place where you get all your answers. You will get to learn about how you can get relief from fibromyalgia, how to get that from the food that you eat and the food that you avoid and also supplements that may help very well. 

It is estimated that over 200 million people in the world suffer from the symptoms of fibromyalgia and there are more cases being diagnosed every day.

The prescription options, if you go to your doctor and tell them about your symptoms, they diagnose you with fibromyalgia, the prescription medications and the orders that they might give you are quite often very disappointing for people. 

They just do not seem to help much at all and that needs to change. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, you don’t just want to take a pill or just want to do physical therapy. You want to actually discover the root cause of your fibromyalgia so that you can begin to improve if not completely reverse it. 

Fibromyalgia is actually a chronic inflammation at the cellular and the tissue level. It is also the fact that you have built your cells and tissues out of inappropriate building materials by eating an improper diet. 

The improper materials that you are eating in your diet currently have been eating for weeks or months or even years before actually lead to the improper building of your cell membranes and of the myelin sheaths that wrap your nerves. However, food is not the only factor. 

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

You know that they are a big part of the fibromyalgia symptoms.

  • You experience improper nerve functioning 
  • improper signals of pain from nerves where there should not be pain
  • you are getting the message from your nerves that there is pain. 

This comes both from the cells and from the myelin sheath being improperly built and also from the chronic inflammation caused by things in your diet. There are multiple studies out there that show a strong association between insulin resistance or another way to call it will be hyperinsulinemia and fibromyalgia. 

Multiple studies have shown that there is a huge association with elevated A1C and fibromyalgia, between having chronically high levels of C-peptide which is a marker for chronically high insulin levels. 

So what causes insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia or elevated A1C? 

There are too many carbohydrates in your diet and you have to start with the simplest, processed carbohydrates and get those out of your diet immediately. 

First and foremost anything that has either added sugar or natural sugar, you have got to eliminate that from your diet, because every time when you eat either a jelly doughnut or drinking a glass of non-gmo, fresh-squeezed orange juice, you are spiking your blood sugar which is going to lead to an elevated A1C, but it is also going to lead to a chronically elevated insulin level in your blood. 

And as said earlier this is highly associated with fibromyalgia symptoms. Other foods that will spike your blood sugar and therefore spike your insulin levels chronically are any of the sugars and this includes honey and agave-nectar as well. 

Any natural or added sugar is going to spike your blood sugar and this gives you hyperinsulinemia. Any starch which includes all the tubers like potatoes, carrots, parsnip, turnips and starchy vegetables is going to spike your blood sugar and thus leads to hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance and elevated A1C.

Any of the grains, whether it is rice, wheat, oats and corn are the worst. They break down immediately into sugars and they are going to spike your blood sugar and spike your insulin level. 

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you should definitely try a diet that did not include any of these in your diet. Also obviously any soft drink or sodas that contain sugar, any fruit juice which has been constantly recommended for consumption, is just as bad for you as drinking soda. 

Avoiding any of these will help you keep your blood sugar at a low level and that is going to keep your haemoglobin A1C low as well. That will keep your insulin level normal as well. Now you need all those things but you do not need them to be elevated. 

So right off the bat if you have fibromyalgia you should go see your doctor or your healthcare provider and ask them to do your lab work. Many doctors will not order these tests because they don’t yet know about the association between elevated insulin, blood sugar and fibromyalgia. 

When you remove all these things from your diet and replace them with lots of healthy fatty meat, lots of healthy seafood, lots of healthy green vegetables, you are going to notice that you just feel better and anyone who has used a low carb diet, keto diet or a carnivore diet to greatly improve your symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Eating in such a way will give you two other things which doctors have used to treat fibromyalgia, which is Carnitine, it is found in red meat. It is actually been shown to help improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia and depression as well. 

The second thing you are going to be getting is lipoic acid. You have heard of alpha-lipoic acid, you may have even tried taking that supplement. You are going to get all the lipoic acid along with all the DHA and EPA that you need to help build healthy neurons, healthy myelin sheaths and healthy cell membranes if you eat a diet full of good healthy fats. 

Now the second thing you need to consider is that if you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you may have been misdiagnosed and this is actually quite common in America. There have been multiple people who received a diagnosis for fibromyalgia but it turns out they never had it. 

They had something else that just was not diagnosed and the most common of these is first and foremost a hypothyroid condition or an autoimmune thyroid condition. This is very commonly either misdiagnosed or just undiagnosed.

It can mimic all of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. So get a complete thyroid panel checked. The second most common myth to diagnose is low testosterone both in men and women. 

Yes women need a certain amount of testosterone in order to feel their best to have the energy they want, to sleep the way they want and to not have all the aches and pain that come from getting misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia.

So find a doctor who will check your full thyroid panel and a full gender hormone panel because these two things are very commonly found. Also another thing that is misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia is depression. 

Depression can mimic every single symptom of fibromyalgia. There is no argument about this. So very commonly a misdiagnosis of depression, low testosterone or a hypothyroid condition can be called fibromyalgia. 

Then you end up taking prescription for fibromyalgia and you are not even addressing the root cause of your symptoms. Now you will get to know about some things that many people call supplements. 

They are not necessarily supplements but they are things that we used to get in a proper human diet, hundreds of thousands of years ago but we just do not get enough of them anymore and there is actually research that shows being low on these things can lead to the symptoms of fibromyalgia. 

Vitamin D

The first one is vitamin D. It is commonly low in most people but it is definitely found to be very low and very commonly in people diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It is recommended that you try to eat more vitamin D foods if you can. 

If you just do not like any of those foods or you cannot seem to eat enough of them, then a good vitamin D supplement would be vitamin D3 5000 international units and this is in olive oil. 

Not in canola, corn, sunflower, safflower or soybean oil. Take that once a day and that will get your vitamin D levels up where they need to be. For many people that has helped their fibromyalgia symptoms. 

Magnesium, Electrolytes And Other Minerals

There has been quite a bit of research showing that people diagnosed with fibromyalgia are actually quite low in tissue magnesium, levels in other electrolytes like potassium or in other minerals like manganese and chromium. 

So make sure you are getting plenty of these electrolytes and minerals from your diet. If you just cannot get it from your diet, you can use a supplement to get more of these electrolytes and minerals. 


The next is salt.. We have been told for the last 50 to 100 years to eat a very low salt diet. You will see over the next few years that this paradigm is changing. You should salt your food to taste. 

Your taste buds are hardwired to tell you how much salt you need. Stop limiting salt. Do not feel like a glutton if you like salt. That only means that you need salt. So many people are under salting their food and trying to avoid salt altogether because they have been told by their healthcare provider that it is the devil. 

That is just not true at all. Human beings are mammals and all mammals crave salt and need salt for optimal function. So stop being afraid of salt. Find a real salt that comes from deep under the ground and that is as local to you as possible. 

But wherever you live in the world you need to find a local salt that meets those criteria. 


Many people around the world are deficient in iodine. You can get iodine from eating seafood and sea vegetables and that is the recommended way to get it. But if you just can’t do that, there is a very simple little drop that you can use one or two times a day in your food or in your water, coffee or any drink. 

That is going to give you more than enough iodine to help you just in case that is causing part of your symptoms. There have been many people with severe fibromyalgia symptoms.

When they got their vitamin D, electrolytes and their iodine levels up to good optimal levels, their symptoms were 70-80% better. So do not discount this. Now whatever you do, do not forget to do the number one thing, which is to fix your diet. 

That is by far the most important thing, because even if you buy all these supplements, and you keep eating the high carbohydrate diet filled with sugars, grains and industrial seed oils, you are still going to be building your cells and tissues out of these inferior building materials. 

That is not going to give you any benefit when you add these supplements, you are not going to get the benefits you would get otherwise.


The last is to exercise. Try your best to be more active. Now it is not being said that you go and join the gym and waste a bunch of money, lift so much weight that you cannot walk for two weeks because you are sore. 

But whatever your activity level and your exercise level has been for the last month or two, try to increase that by five or even ten percent just a little bit. If you walk to the mailbox everyday, start doing that twice a day. 

If you have got cans of sliced peaches in your cabinet, use those as 1 pound weights because you definitely do not want to eat that as that is going to spike your blood sugar and your insulin. So you can use those as little cheap weights.

Now that is going to be way better than just sitting still and doing nothing. There is quite a bit of research which shows that exercise will alleviate the symptoms, but even though you are in the midst of severe fibromyalgia, the last thing you feel like doing is exercise. It will help you.

There are some myths that you may have heard from your mom, your friend or even your healthcare provider. There is no truth to any of these myths, there is no research to back these myths up and you can safely, comfortably avoid spending any money on these myths. 

First and foremost is that you have a lyrica deficiency or a cymbalta deficiency or a civello deficiency. These are the three medications currently FDA approved in the United States for fibromyalgia. 

The research showing that they help is miniscule and the percentage of improvement you get from these medications is miniscule and the potential side effects from these medications, can be worse than the fibromyalgia itself. 

So no one should waste a copay on these medications. Next is the other supplements and typically this will come in the form of some exotic root, berry, herb, tea, some kind of detox or some kind of cleans. 

None of these things are supported by either common sense or by research. This is just somebody trying to make twenty to hundred dollars off of you. You do not need any of those things if you are eating the proper human diet, getting the supplements mentioned above and then trying to be a little bit more active. 

These steps are going to help you 99% more than any root from the Himalayas or herb from Africa or a berry from Jamaica. They are just not going to help you so do not waste your money. Other myths are that you should avoid caffeine. 

No research shows that this is true whatsoever. Not a shred of evidence to support that. Drink caffeine if you like to drink your coffee. Drink your own sweet tea if you like that. Another one is that you need to avoid red meat if you have fibromyalgia.

There is no research that supports that and actually the ancestry of the human and mammal, we have been eating red meat since our existence on this planet. There is actually carnitine in red meat. 

There is no reason to stop eating red meat. Limiting it will not help fibromyalgia symptoms whatsoever. Also you should eat low-fat diets, you might hear that. That is dumb. There is no research to support that. 

Your neurons, cell membranes and your myelin sheaths are all made out of fat. You need to eat fat, but you need to eat good quality fats. An other thing that you need is muscle relaxers. For some people with fibromyalgia muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatories or narcotics will definitely give you temporary relief, there is no doubt about that. 

But also drinking a fifth of vodka would give you some good temporary relief, that does not mean you should do it. Smoking some opium or injecting some heroin will give you some short term relief, but does that mean you should do it? Obviously not. 

So do not fall for any of these prescriptions or over the counter miracle cures for fibromyalgia because you are going to be disappointed in the results of all them and there could be potentially disastrous side effects from taking them.


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