Erectile dysfunction can be defined as the inability to get or keep a firm erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. It’s a common problem which is faced by millions of men worldwide. There are many medications and oral pills that are available for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. These medicines include Viagra, cenforce, tadalafil, vidalista, and many others.

But all of them mostly had side effects. Other than that, natural remedies and herbal supplements have been used by the Chinese, African and other cultures for ages. As most of the natural herbs do not have many side effects, they can be termed beneficial in the treatment of ED.

Also, natural supplements can help men and women enhance their sexual health in the long term. Unlike the medications available for ED such as cenforce, viagra, tadalafil, vidalista varies in the amount of active ingredient and reacts with other medications. Natural supplements do not react with other medications and are well studied.

food to cure erectile dysfunction

Let’s have a look at the list of natural supplements that can treat erectile dysfunction.

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world. The explanation for this fact is caffeine has the ability to boost up the mood, energize it, and also it doesn’t let you fall asleep. Most of the adults usually intake caffeine on a daily basis as it helps them to regain focus towards their work or whatsoever. 

But there aren’t many studies about the link of coffee with the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Caffeine is a vasodilator that implies that it has the strength to enhance the blood flow. This is beneficial for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Not just this, caffeine can also be helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. But excess doses of caffeine can cause sleep disorders, headaches, or anxiety issues. 

A lot of studies by different scientists in the world put a bit of light on the link between erectile dysfunction and Caffeine. According to a recent study by the National Health and Nutrition Survey, men who intake around 170-375 milligrams of caffeine on a regular basis had fewer chances to have erectile dysfunction in comparison to those who did not. The consumption of caffeine on a regular basis can thus, reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction. But to prove the benefits of caffeine in the treatment of ED, more studies must be conducted.

Do you know? Caffeine is consumed by more than 85% of adults.

2. Oysters

Let’s not talk much and directly drag you to the point which is, oysters carry a lot of the nutrients that are very essential for good sexual health. It consists of the elements that can help in getting a firm erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Oysters are aphrodisiac.

Zinc is an essential element that enhances a man’s sex life as it is responsible for the production of sperm and seminal fluid.

Oysters consist of zinc and magnesium which play an essential role in the production of testosterone by increasing testosterone levels and for metabolizing nitric oxide in men. 

Fact Check: A plant in the shape of an eye is more likely to help with the problems related to vision. While the foods in the shape of dong or vagina are more likely to help men and women with fertility, libido, and erections. Now, coming to the point of oysters, they look like a vagina. Naturalists believe that it may have the power to increase sex drive in men and women.

Not just this, it also contains vitamin C, selenium, iron, and B6. All of these elements work in order to obtain a firm and proper erection. Iron enhances the amount of oxygen in the blood, selenium increases sperm health and B6 improves blood flow and nerve sensitivity. Consequently, all of these elements result in better erection and improved sexual health. 

3. Watermelon

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common issues among men worldwide. But there are several medications like oral pills including cenforce, vidalista, viagra, or tadalafil which are available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Also, many herbal supplements and natural remedies can be an alternative treatment for ED which has proved to be very effective. One such supplement is watermelon. 

Watermelon is very beneficial in treating because of an amino acid that is present in it. The amino acid found in watermelon named L-citrulline, increases the blood flow in the penis. The role of L-citrulline is just the same as viagra, as both of them enhance the flow of blood in the male genital organs. In watermelon, L-citrulline is present in huge amounts. Once the body consumes amino acid, it is taken up by nitric oxide which then facilitates blood vessel dilation. It may also help in the stimulation of cGMPs which play a vital role in the flow of blood. L-citrulline can thus improve the problem of erectile dysfunction. 

The benefits of watermelon are more than just L-citrulline. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, fibre, and potassium, which are anyway advantageous for the human body. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, if the number of antioxidants exceeds in the body can be harmful. But natural fruits aren’t more likely to cause any risks but if a person is resistant to some fruits, then you may take precautions. But, there are not enough reports to show that watermelon can be a proper treatment for erectile dysfunction.

4. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, which is everyone’s favourite irrespective of the age group, is not just tasty. It also has ingredients that can help in the treatment of some diseases. Others may say that the amount of sugar present in chocolate can be harmful to health. But we are talking about dark chocolate, specifically. Excess consumption of chocolate can also lead to weight gain. If you consume it smartly in moderate amounts, it can be a health booster. 

Dark chocolate has 80-85% cocoa and less sugar. This makes it taste bitter and does not harm health.

Flavanols are present in dark chocolate whose main benefit is to increase the amount of blood flow. As the ingredients present in dark chocolate helps in blood circulation throughout the body, it can also treat erectile dysfunction. It also produces nitric oxides, which is one of the major chemicals present in the pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

5. Nuts

If you think medications like viagra or cenforce are the only method to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction, then you certainly don’t know the power of lifestyle changes and natural accompaniments.  Making some remarkable changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can help a lot in reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction. According to the study of Spanish Research Journal, nutrients released on consuming 60 grams of nuts on a regular basis can result in improved sexual health. The study further revealed that adding hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds to your regular diet can consequently improve sexual desire and intensity of orgasms. The study was mainly organized under FERTINUTS on eighty-three males who had erectile dysfunction aged around 18-35 years. In the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the Mediterranean diet plays a significant role as they improve the sexual function of both the male and female.

In a 2018 research, it was demonstrated that nuts improve sperm count and its quality. A recent study by the International Journal of Impotence Research also revealed that the intake of pistachio can reduce erectile dysfunction to a great extent. This is because it includes various antioxidants and arginine which are a precursor of nitric oxide (NO). 

6. Fish

Those who suffer from ED, are mostly reliable on oral pills like viagra, cenforce, or vidalista. But nature has a lot more to offer you. Omega 3 can help you reduce erectile dysfunction as it increases the blood flow to your penis and lowers the high blood pressure. High blood pressure is mainly responsible for the reduction of erectile quality. 

The main source of omega lies fishes like in cold water fishes, pelagic fish, wild salmon, mackerel, and tuna. But it is not necessary that a person likes to eat fish. For those who are vegans, there are certain capsules that can help you out. But if you are a fish lover, you must also not neglect the side effects that come with eating fish.

DHA fish oil can be an alternative for you because it does not involve eating fish and is also a great source of omega 3. Consuming fish oil can help you with erectile dysfunction as it relaxes your arteries making the blood flow smooth to the entire body including the penis. 

7. Olive oil

According to a study conducted back in 2018 by the University of Athens, a person suffering from erectile dysfunction can show improvement by including olive oil in the diet. The study also demonstrated that men who intake olive oil in their diet had better erectile health than those who were not consuming it. In fact, scientists believed that having 9 tablespoons of olive oil per week can be a better option than consuming viagra in order to treat erectile dysfunction. So, the results directed us to the conclusion that just a tablespoon of olive oil daily, can improve erectile dysfunction.

Olive oil is a home for several health benefits which also includes keeping the blood vessels and circulatory system healthy. It can also be used to prevent the risk of erectile dysfunction. Olive oil increases testosterone levels and enhances the circulatory system which results in better sexual performance by men. Those who enable the Mediterranean diet in their lifestyle in which olive oil is the main component have more than 40% reduced risk of suffering from impotence in their older age. It lowers the likelihood of metabolic syndrome as it helps in controlling diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Natural food supplements, if taken in moderate amounts, have literally no side effects. So, in comparison to medications like viagra, tadalafil, cenforce, vidalista, natural food supplements are better. Natural herbs and food supplements can be a long term solution for the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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