Privacy and Cookie Policy

For Daily Medicine is one of the leading online pharmacies in the United States, which considers access to healthcare products and services as a fundamental right, and not a privilege. We work all round the clock to make quality healthcare products accessible to people all across the globe.


For Daily Medicine owes the responsibility for the website Whether you browse the website as a guest or a registered user, we will collect many different types of information from you. 


This page will inform you regarding:

  • What types of information do we collect?
  • How do we use the collected information?
  • How do we protect your information? 
  • What are cookies?
  • How and why do we use cookies?


We strongly recommend that you should read this page carefully before shopping with us. It’s every individual's right to be adequately informed about how their information is used and protected. 


What Information Do We Collect?

The information we collect from you broadly falls into the following two categories:


Information that pertains directly to you - these details include the data you enter at the time of registration, such as your name, gender, and contact information. 


Information that does not directly pertain to you - these details specify how you might browse our website, particularly your Location data and IP address. 


How Do We Use That Information?

The personally identifiable information that we fetch from our customers is normally used for handling, improvising, and growing our business operations. When it comes to our customers, this data is used to deliver the utmost and personalized customer service and convey our newest products and services.


Can You Opt Out Of Sharing Information With Our Online Pharmacy?

At any moment, you can opt-out of sharing information with our online pharmacy in case you feel it's irrelevant or non-essential.


Kindly note, we do not impose any restrictions on our customers to share their personal data with us. The information is collected solely based on the user’s consent, i.e., when they choose to submit information, we put them under the “opt-in” category. However, your personally identifiable information is crucial for us to provide you with a peerless shopping experience.   


What Are Cookies? How and Why Do We Use Cookies?

For Daily Medicine, make good use of cookies. But what exactly are cookies?


Cookies are basically small packets of data and signals that we dispense on the devices of our customers. These cookies remain in our user’s devices and help us to differentiate each of our customers. In certain cases, we may also use these cookies to prevent unwanted advertisements from appearing on the user’s screen. 


How do we use the cookies? We use cookies to evaluate the total number of visitors on our website and know our best seller products. At the same time, this data helps us unravel the best ways to serve our customers well and offer them a much better experience.


Changes To This Privacy Policy

For Daily Medicine, may periodically change or modify the privacy policy. All users are requested to go through our privacy and cookie policy before registering any particulars with the website.