Cernos Gel 1%w/w

Cernos Gel 1%w/w

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Buy Cernos Gel 1%w/w which helps to improve testosterone level and to regulate sex drive in men. Get this 100% genuine product from our online drugs store.

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About Cernos Gel 1%w/w


Cernos Gel 1%w/w is a gel that contains testosterone for hormone replacement in men. Some men aren’t able to produce enough testosterone that might be because of hypogonadism


Apply Cernos Gel 1%w/w on the skin for it to enter the bloodstream and help the body to raise the testosterone to its average level.


Testosterone plays a vital role in males as it is responsible for maintaining male sexual characteristics, such as masculinity, deep voice, body hair, maintaining muscle, prevents loss of bone, and therefore it is essential for natural sexual ability.


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd manufactures Cernos Gel 1%w/w. It is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company with a headquarter in Mumbai, Maharastra.


Please note, women should avoid using Cernos Gel 1%w/w.


What is Cernos Gel 1%w/w used for?

Cernos Gel 1%w/w(Testosterone) is a naturally occurring sex hormone present in both men and women. This gel helps in the treatment of conditions because of the low level of testosterone in the body, such as delayed puberty, impotence, and other hormonal imbalance.


Additionally, Cernos Gel 1 %w/w maintains the testosterone level in the body which further results in multiple benefits, such as:-


  • Less fat, more muscle
  • Pubic and facial hair
  • Deep voice
  • Sex drive
  • Verbal memory and thinking ability
  • Improves mood and quality of life
  • Healthy heart and blood
  • Stronger bones
  • Better libido


About the Cernos Gel 1%w/w manufacturer


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd manufactures Cernos Gel 1%w/w, which is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company with a headquarter in Mumbai, India. 


The company was started by Mr Dilip Shanghvi in the year 1983 with five psychiatry products along with two marketing teams. The company also successfully managed to set up a compact manufacturing facility for drugs at Vapi, Gujrat.


Now, the company has expanded its sales network across 24 countries and has demerged Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company(SPARC). It is a separate body that has become the first pure research company to be listed on Indian stock exchanges.


It has also established a compact manufacturing facility for tablets and capsules at Vapi, Gujarat, and build the first research centre to create a base for the strong product and process development. 


In 1995, Sun Pharma started its production at an API manufacturing plant in Panoli, Gujarat, India. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd has turned into the most significant chronic prescription company in India. 


After establishing its ground in the field of medical science, the company further decided to reach out more and has now become the market leader in psychiatry, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, and nephrology.


Strengths of Cernos Gel 1%w/w


Cernos Gel 1%w/w is found beneficial for some of the medical complications, such as:-


  • Hypogonadism: It is a medical condition in which the gonads, such as testes in men and ovaries in women, fail to function properly, affecting the production of testosterone and estrogen in men and women, respectively. It affects puberty, growth, and sexual development of the human being.

Cernos Gel 1%w/w when applied on the body, the skin absorbs the testosterone present in the gel and increases the level of testosterone in the blood. 


The increase in the level of testosterone will help men in various ways as it is responsible for keeping your heart healthy, helps you in building more muscles, making the bone strong, improves verbal memory, spatial abilities, libido, and mood.


Possible side effects of Cernos Gel 1%w/w


Cernos Gel 1%w/w, if taken properly, will help you but sometimes can also cause unwanted side effects. Not all of these side effects need to occur, but if you experience any one of these, do consult the doctor regarding this.


A list of common side effects that your doctor will also notify you is as follows:-


  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Hair loss
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Change in sexual desire
  • Redness/swelling of the skin
  • Occurrence of acne
  • Blood in urine
  • Difficulty while urinating
  • Frequent urination


Less common side effects


  • Lack of vision
  • Feeling of faint, dizzy, or lightheaded
  • Flushing or redness of the skin
  • Headache
  • Pain or swelling in the arm or legs
  • Nervousness
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Sweating
  • Swelling of breasts
  • Tingling of the hands
  • Unusual weight gain or loss


Unknown side effects


  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Anxiety
  • Bluish lips
  • Pain in chest
  • Cough
  • A decrease in testicle size
  • Development of pubic hair
  • Enlargement of the clitoris or penis
  • Tightness in the chest


Apart from the above-mentioned side effects that may occur due to some interactions of Cernos Gel 1%w/w with other drugs or disease, here is a list of unwanted side effects whose occurrence is considered normal while using Cernos Gel 1%w/w.


Such side effects will go away with time and with the completion of the gel through some preventive measures. The doctor will inform you about these side effects along with and some healthy ways to deal with it, and such side effects are as follows:-


  • Blemishes on the skin
  • Pimples
  • Burning, itching, redness, swelling at the application site of the body
  • Depression
  • Dry skin
  • Loss of hair
  • Unable to have an erection
  • Paranoia
  • Quick reaction or overreact 
  • Frequent mood swing
  • Thining of the hair
  • Increased in sexual desire, ability, drive, or performance
  • Difficulty in sleeping


What are the medicines that interact with Cernos Gel 1%w/w?


Drug interactions depend on how other medicines work with Cernos Gel 1%w/w and increases the risk of developing unwanted side effects. The list mentioned below may not contain all the side effects. 


Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a list of drugs that you use and share it with the doctor.


Do not change the dose of the gel without consulting the doctor. Some products, such as blood thinners(warfarin) that might show an interaction with this gel. In some of the laboratory tests, such as thyroid function tests, creatinine level tests Cernos Gel 1%w/w may interfere and cause false test results. Hence, make sure that the doctor knows about using Cernos Gel 1%w/w.


How to use Cernos Gel 1% w/w?


Cernos Gel 1%w/w comes with a medication guide, do go through it. If you still have any doubt, consult your doctor regarding this. Always wash your hands before and after using the gel. Make sure you clean the gel to a clean, dry, intact skin of the shoulders, upper arms, abdomen(stomach), or other parts of the body until and unless your doctor tells you to use it. 


Always ask the doctor about the areas where you should apply the gel, do not use anywhere on the body without consulting the doctor. The Cernos Gel 1%w/w should be applied only on the clean, dry intact skin of the shoulders and the upper arms.


Make sure that you do not apply the gel to your abdomen, stomach, scrotum, or penis. Keep in mind that this gel should not be applied to the cut, scrape, or other types of injury. After using the gel, let it dry on the skin before you cover it with the clothes. It is recommended to wait for at least 2-4 hours after applying the gel and before taking a bath.


The gel, when applied, can be transferred to another person in case the person gets in touch or rub against the skin where the gel is applied. The medicine can also be transferred to another person through the hands you must have used to apply the gel. Hence, it is recommended to wash your hands before and after using the medicine.


Cernos Gel 1%w/w is flammable until it gets dry on the skin. Hence, do not apply the gel near the heat, open flame, or while smoking.


Precautions while consuming Cernos Gel 1% w/w


Cernos Gel 1% w/w is a gel that will help you treat the medical complication if used in the proper way but sometimes may cause you unwanted side effects either due to interactions because of drugs, diseases, or through heat(as the gel is inflammable in nature).


A list of precautions that you should take while using Cernos Gel 1% w/w:-


  • It is essential to inform the doctor if you are allergic to the gel or you are suffering from any other allergies. Cernos Gel 1% w/w contains inactive ingredients(soya) that causes allergic reactions or other medical complication. So talk to your doctor regarding this.


  • Before using this gel, inform your doctor about your medical history, especially if you have breast cancer (men), prostate problems(cancer enlargement prostate or BPH), liver problems, heart problems(heart failure, heart attack), stroke, kidney complications, diabetes, high cholesterol level, lung disease, obesity, difficulty in breathing during sleep(apnea), hypertension, bone cancer, blood clots in the leg, lungs.


  • Avoid getting direct contact with the application site to others, especially for women and children. In case you expect to have skin to skin contact, do wash the gel applied area well with soap and water. Accidently, if a woman or child comes in touch with the gel applied area, ask them to wash that part well with soap.


  • Do take special care about touching the eyes after using the medicine. Wash your eye with clean and warm water in case the gel affects your eyes.


  • Consumption of alcohol or marijuana(cannabis) may make you feel dizziness, therefore avoid certain activities, such as driving, using machinery, or anything that needs attention.


  • Older men are at higher risk of developing enlarged prostates or prostate cancer at the time of using the drug. Hence, the person should undergo a regular check-up for prostate problems while using this drug.


  • Children’s skin is more sensitive to Cernos Gel 1% w/w and can affect their bone growth. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the growth of children periodically.


  • Cernos Gel 1% w/w is not meant for women because it can enhance the side effects, such as increased growth of hair or a large increase in acne. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, do consult the doctor regarding this. Women who are expecting a baby or breast-feeding should avoid using Cernos Gel 1% w/w because it can harm an unborn or breast-feeding baby.


  • It is good to go through the drug and disease interaction list before using Cernos Gel 1% w/w.


What to do in case of an overdose of the medicine?


The overdose symptoms of Cernos Gel 1% w/w include passing out, difficulty in breathing, weakness on one side of the body, difficulty in seeing, slurred speech, or confusion. In case you experience these symptoms go for immediate medical attention or call 911 for medical help. For US residents, a local poison control centre (1-800-222-1222) will be helpful in such cases.


Please Note: Do not share Cernos Gel 1% w/w with anyone as it is against the law. Perform specific medical tests regularly, such as PSA, cholesterol, haemoglobin, hematocrit, and testosterone level in the blood to monitor the health progress and any side effects. 


The medicine is prescribed only for the current medical condition, do not use the gel for any other purpose without consulting the doctor.


Storage of Cernos Gel 1% w/w


Always keep the medicine at room temperature away from the light and moisture. Never keep the drug in the bathroom or near heat(open flame). If not used, keep the medicine away from the children and do remember to throw the used package of the medicine in secure trash.


Properly dispose of the medicine, do not make a mistake of flushing or draining it in the bathroom.


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