Terms and Conditions

Before making purchases, For Daily Medicine advises you to carefully go through the following terms and conditions-

  • Make sure to check the policies and terms and conditions on the website. FDM has all the rights to make changes in its policies and guidelines at any given point of time.

  • We only sell the medicines for personal use and not for resale or any other commercial purpose. Orders made in bulk shall be processed but only for sole use. For Daily Medicine has all the rights to take necessary actions in the coarse of unlikely events.
  •  All the medicines sold at FDM are produced by trusted Indian pharmaceutical companies and strictly adhere to WHO’s healthcare guidelines. There is no difference in the chemical composition of our generic drugs and their US counterparts.

  • Once you have placed your order, check your email for a confirmation. We immediately bill the credit card. However, the delivery cannot be executed in 24 hours and in event of any cancellation, the customer shall be duly notified and refunded.

The User Agreement: 

  • The buyers at For Daily Medicine understand that we do not allow the sale of medicines for commercial purposes and in the event of such an event, FDM has the right to take action.

    The buyer is informed and accepts that the drugs are produced in different countries and that he/she has no disagreement with it.

    That the user has consulted the medical professional before purchasing the medicine.

    The buyer/user shall inform us about any problem or confusion.

    By reading and accepting the above-mentioned terms and conditions, the user voluntarily is shopping with us and any incompliance with the above-mentioned policies resulting in the unfortunate event is solely user/buyer’s responsibility. Your Personal Information All the details that you are asked to fill in while shopping with our online pharmacy For Daily Medicine is to make your shopping experience convenient and hassle-free. During the process, we shall ask you for your email address, phone number and payment details. We do not share these personal details with any third party and they are only used to provide a better user experience. Security We inform you that all the information that you share with us is highly encrypted and completely safe with us. All the information sent on the world wide web to execute selling is encrypted by SSL encryption technology so as to safeguard user information. Your Consent For Daily Medicine hereby informs you that by agreeing to use our services, you allow us to access your information and other details for the shopping experience. In case of any changes made in terms and conditions or the policies, the renewed information shall be published on the website duly. Users are advised to carefully check all the information on the website before shopping with us. Our Drug Policy: Under any given circumstances, For Daily Medicine does not sell narcotics substance.