A couple of patients have asked doctors about which diet they can eat, that would help improve their anxiety or their depression? There is a diet and other than the side effects of weight loss, it also improves anxiety and depression and even other mental disorders as well. 

The ketogenic diet is the only diet that is able to do this effectively and after many people trying it out, a significant weight loss is experienced by them in an almost effortless way just by changing what they eat and not by cutting back on amounts or being hungry all the time and not by eating until they are full. 

But just by eating the right stuff and eating it at the right time of the day. A lot of people around the world think that the brain needs to have glucose or sugar to burn in order to have energy and that is part of the reason that for the last forty to fifty years, doctors have people that they should be eating three meals a day with snacks in between. 

But that is because you want a steady supply of glucose to your brain so that you will not feel down and instead it will help your mood and elevate it, but there have been hundreds of patients whose depression, anxiety and other mental disorders got worse when they were eating like that. 

They had been taking three to four different medicines for their anxiety and depression, and it is not getting better at all. It is staying the same, if not getting worse. 

But when they switch over to this new diet for the purpose of losing weight for their diabetes and to improve insulin resistance, but they all started coming back and saying that their anxiety got better, they do not feel as depressed anymore. 

Doctors have started realising the power of the ketogenic diet as well. Even though they have to accept it with a grain of salt, after seeing many patients benefiting from the diet, they have started recommending it as well. 

You know when you eat gluten, it can inflame your gut and inflame other parts of your body. When you drink dairy, it can inflame your joints and inflame other parts of your body. Well here is probably what is going on with all these people with anxiety and depression out there. 

The Standard American Diet or the SAD diet suggests eating lots of grains, drinking lots of skim milk, that diet probably inflames parts of your brains as well. So there you go. People with crippling anxiety and depression which is so bad that they cannot work, they cannot take care of their family members or take care of their own daily activities of daily living, should eat the ketogenic diet. 

If most parts of your brain are inflamed, they are not going to work properly and that could eventually lead to depression, right? The Standard American Diet with all the ‘vegetable’ oils misbuilds or uses the wrong kind of fat to make your cell membranes, neurons and your synapses within your brain. 

If you are not eating good healthy fats, your brain which is composed of almost 60% of fat, it has none of the building materials it needs to make fresh brain cells. Therefore, that might lead to some depression. 

If the standard American diet damages your neurons and damages your synapses, that could probably lead to some disordered thinking and some depression. It will help a lot. It is not a miracle and it is not being said that your anxiety and depression will be completely gone, but it is better enough that you will be able to come off two or even three different medications for your mood. 

It looks like the ketogenic diet is anti-inflammatory for your joints, for your gut, for your skin but also for your mind and your brain as well. People are seeing wonderful results, who have been on a ketogenic diet for weight loss or for their Type-2 diabetes. 

They are now less anxious or less depressed and that makes them very happy. You are literally getting a deal of two for the price of one with the ketogenic diet and there is no extra charge for helping your depression and anxiety. 

The research shows in multiple studies and in actual accidental findings where researchers were finding something else, that with the ketogenic diet, the anxiety and depression got better in many patients. 

But many studies show that mental issues like depression, anxiety, dementia, seizures and even schizophrenia can get better with a ketogenic diet. So for people who hate taking pills and especially for people who hate taking a handful of pills, it is great news for you. 

You can actually improve your anxiety and depression by eating the proper diet. Does it not make you happy to hear that? Do you not think that you have got friends and relatives who would love to hear that? 

Doctors have seen it multiple times that if you eat a good, whole food ketogenic diet, you will not need that medicine for depression. Or you may not need to take as many milligrams a day of that medicine for depression. 

There have been many patients who have decreased their dose after eating keto for a few months. Many have even stopped taking antidepressants after a few months of following the ketogenic way of eating, because their brain is not inflamed and not damaged anymore. 

And the fresh neurons that have been made, which happens in the brain all the time, the new neurons are made of all the good healthy fats. The kind of fats that your body actually wants to make your brain tissue from. 

So many people on social media platforms for mental health have said that they wished they knew about this way of eating 20 years ago when they were put on antidepressants. They had been taking their pill everyday of their lives, with the side effects being virtually unknown and very poorly done research studies. 

Trying to fix something wrong with them, even though nothing was ever proven to be wrong. Maybe what was wrong all along was your food. Maybe it was your diet. Maybe once you get the crap out of your diet and feed your brain what it actually needs, it would not be as inflamed. 

It will be built of the right things and there will not be any neuron damage that doctors see in autopsy brains all time.


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