Today you will learn about a diet that will help you lower your blood pressure and reverse your hypertension. So if you have high blood pressure, hypertension or prehypertension you are at the right place to find out exactly what you need to do.

Now if you have been to your doctor you may have been recommended the dash diet or a low-fat low-salt Mediterannean type diet and you may have noticed several things about these diets and we are going to talk about. 

But there is a diet that you will get to know about which reverses hypertension and high blood pressure better than any other diet that you may have ever dealt with. So if you have been to your doctor or other healthcare providers and talked to them about your hypertension and your high blood pressure you have probably been told to follow one of the following diets. 

First is the dash diet which is a very very low salt, low saturated fat, high carbohydrate diet. It is very hard to stick to a low sodium diet because human beings are salty mammals. We love salt and we actually need lots of salt for proper and optimal function. So it is very hard. 

It will be like saying- ‘hey! You are breathing too many times a day.’ ‘You should be breathing only five times a minute, that is it!’ and you just have to abide by the rules. That is dumb. You might try that for a few minutes.

The reason you cannot stick to that is because you are hardwired to breathe from 14 to 20 times a minute depending on your age, gender and condition. So you cannot breath five times a minute. It is not a failing on your part it is failing on the doctors part that they gave you that stupid advice. 

The same goes for a low salt diet. Human beings are by nature low carb, high salt mammals. That is what we are. We live on lots of fats and proteins and we need lots of salt in order to function optimally. 

So when your doctor puts you on a super low salt diet like the dash diet, you feel miserable, it is hard to commit to it, you give up and then you blame yourself for the failure. Another diet that is pretty popular right now among healthcare providers, dieticians and nutritionists is the Mediterranean diet, as called by them. 

But actually it does not look anything like a diet that ancient mediterraneans ate. It is a very low fat, low salt, high carbohydrate diet and they will say that you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of whole grains but all of these things will actually make your blood pressure worse. 

The research shows that dash diet or the low fat, low sodium Mediterranean diet might lower your blood pressure 2 to 3 points, but as you see, it is not that great of a number. 

For all that trouble you would think it would return it exactly to normal if you are going to have to basically semi starve and salt restrict for the rest of your life, you would want a normal blood pressure from that diet. 

But, this diet does not give you that. For most people it is super hard to stick to either one of these diets, most people fail after a few weeks or a few months and they blame themselves instead of blaming the person that gave them this terrible advice. 

There is very little fat loss on the dash diet or the low salt, low fat mediterranean. So you cannot stick to it. You keep cheating because you cannot help it because you are hardwired to eat fat and you are hardwired to eat salt. 

In both of these diets they really talk about portion control and how you should limit your portion size and count calories and none of that stuff gives you any useful advice because what you want to do is to eat until you are full and then you stop. 

Then when you are hungry again, you eat till you are full and then you continue with your day. That is what we are supposed to do as mammals but these diets do not let you do that. So instead let us talk about another diet that has helped people control their blood pressure and hypertension and have successfully been off 2-3 of their medications. 

This happens only because their blood pressure quickly returns to normal with this diet. There are very few people who will still have to be on one low dose blood pressure pill rather than the three to four pills they used to be on and they consider that to be quite a success.

This diet is a low carbohydrate, whole food diet that lets you use salt to taste because it is actually. Another white crystal that causes your blood pressure to stay chronically elevated which is not salt, is sugar.

In this diet, what you are going to do is that you are going to limit yourself to 50 total grams of carbohydrates or less a day. Some people may not need to go lower than that. Some people may need to go down to 20 total grams a day, but you should start at 50 and see how you do there. 

You are going to eat two to three discreet meals a day. So if you can get by the two meals a day it is preferably good because what you are trying to do is to keep certain hormone levels low and normal so that your blood pressure will come down. 

The two diets talked about earlier are going to keep your insulin level chronically high, your cortisol level chronically high, your blood sugar chronically high and your aldosterone level chronically high. That is what the dash diet and the low fat, low sodium Mediterranean diet do for you. 

Not only does that make you feel miserable, it increases your risk of chronic inflammation and chronic heart disease, it keeps your blood pressure higher. So that is just not going to work with this low carb whole food diet. 

Some people call it low carb, come people call it keto, some people even turn down the carbohydrate intake enough to where it is just a carnivore diet. But some variation of that diet is going to get your blood pressure down way more than 2-3 points which is what you are going to get from those other diets.

Now you do not need to have snacks in between and you may be thinking ‘what if I get hungry?’ well here is how you are going to avoid that. When you eat your first meal of the day which can be breakfast, whether it is the first thing you eat in the morning or whether you wait till noon or later to eat that first meal, you are going to eat as much fatty meat and veggies salted to taste. 

You are going to eat until you are comfortable and stuffed. Then you are going to stop eating. Then you are going to wait as many hours into the day as you can and you will have a second meal, again where you eat lots of fatty meat and veggies. 

Now you can see with that kind of diet if you are getting to eat till you are comfortably stuffed, rather than portion control or calorie restrict, you are not going to get hungry nearly as often. And also the fat and the protein in those meals are going to help you keep satiated for many hours more than a high carb, low fat diet like the Mediterranean or the Dash diet.  

Also you should go at least 16 hours a day with not eating at all and that may sound terrible to start with but consider that you already spend 7-8 hours a day not eating, which is when you are asleep. 

All you have to do is keep slowly tacking the hours of not eating, right after you wake up and then right before you go to sleep. So keep increasing the amount of hours that you do not eat until you get them up to sixteen hours a day. 

Again this is not going to be nearly as hard as you think it might be because you are satiated with all the fat and protein that you eat in those two or three meals that you ate during the day. The next thing that you should avoid is snacking whatsoever. 

That is because you are not going to have to snack because you are eating until you are comfortably stuffed. Now what this is going to do is to help you keep your blood sugar very low and normal, it is going to help you keep your insulin very low and normal, it is going to help you keep your cortisol, your aldosterone very low. 

These will help you get rid of inflammation, get rid of all the fluid that you are holding. It will allow your kidneys to pee off the fluid that is increasing your blood volume which is giving you the blood pressure problem. 

This diet has lowered people’s blood pressure twenty to thirty points back towards normal. Some people when they start this diet taking 3-4 blood pressure medications, they have to stop their pills or else they will end up having blood pressure that is too low. 

That is a good thing and it means that you no longer need that blood pressure medication.


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